Writing a biography in the third person? I've always thought it was pretty curious. In my case I wanted to play with this aspect, so I had my bio written by "others" :)



"Francesca grows in the countryside, near Rome (Italy), in the last of the Castelli Romani where the Ancients used to retire themselves for a well-earned rest. The tranquility of a small town, however, fails to tame a soul in itself restless and lively, curious and intelligent and, why not, authoritarian and independent. Her deepest dream is to devote herself to art, in all its forms, but life often leads elsewhere...

With these premises, Francesca becomes an adult and, almost at the same time, a woman and a mother. She focuses on that work that makes she independent and self-sufficient, for herself and her son, but does not fail to regret, almost daily, the lack of formal artistic training, which would have allowed the free outburst of her emotions. Emotions that normally fail to find their own way otherwise.

Suddenly the turning point appears.

She finds an announcement of a school of painting and her new life, a new husband, a new house and a daughter on the way give her the peace of mind to try. Plus they tell her she's very good. And this is true indeed, I can confirm this.

Painting skills becomes stronger and more aware. Fakes (almost perfects!), landscapes and classics are among her paintings. But faces are those for which she was born for, those who leave their mark in your mind and your heart. In her as well as in those who look at them for the very first time. The pretty realistic attention to details is not sterile and never forget the warmth of oil on canvas. This is the most beautiful combination that can be felt in her works.

What else? You say it."


The Husband



Exhibition: "Revealing Beauty – A travel into the land of Ethiopia along the footsteps of ancient explorers ( www.labellezzarivelata.com)"

Addis Abeba: IES, Institute of Ethiopian Studies - Museo Etnografico,
5 Novembre 2018 - 31 Gennaio 2019
Napoli: PAN/Palazzo delle Arti Napoli, 13 Aprile - 29 Aprile 2018
Roma: Società Geografica Italiana, 26 Gennaio - 25 Febbraio 2018


Personal Exhibition

Event: "Arti e Periferia"
Castelverde di Lunghezza, Rome (Italy)


Collettive Exhibition
Castelverde di Lunghezza, Rome (Italy)


Francesca Borro